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Our story
June 11, 2024

Ptysie ‼️ We can read this slogan on the sash. $743 deposit‼️

Two of them.
They were a gift. Wedding.
They were – because they are no longer.
They managed to present themselves in two days. And get bored.

The bride and groom took a stack of photos with them. Supposedly. Maybe you can find them somewhere on the Internet. After all, the wedding season is in full swing.

Then there was a huge party. The ponies continued to stand on the car because there was no one or nowhere to unload them.

He leans against a pole, stubs out his cigarette and smiles broadly. “But you know, Lady, if it’s not a wedding, we’ll make puffs, I don’t care which party I take them to.”

The drunk guy who organized the wedding collection for them – gave the trader a bottle and a piece of cake and told him to leave when it was getting dawn. He didn’t pay the money.

The dealer says he has never made such a deal.
He bought two puffs at a small market in the Lublin region. Especially for this order.

Puffs are not neglected. And they were never supposed to be slaughtered. Their hooves may be a bit overgrown and when I put my hand out, they try to bite – but it’s fear that drives them rather than bad character.

The salesman hands me a piece of paper with the number of the man who made the collection for them – and ordered Two Puffs as a gift. I hear a hoarse, male voice on the phone, which becomes unpleasant when I say what I’m calling about.

“Miss f**k, my money and my business, let them take these two cutlets to another party, they were spotty!” Have you seen it? I didn’t want spotted cattle. That’s because I didn’t buy it” and someone answered the phone.

There was nothing to talk about.

I’m coming.
I stick out my hand.
A mass of dots stands before me.
And their eyes get bigger the closer I get.

These little ones probably only know a country barn hidden somewhere in eastern Poland. And maybe the grasses there and the foggy mornings. They were taken out of there without asking for their opinion.

Such an unnecessary death.

You’re probably not getting married today, but please correct me if I’m wrong.
There’s also a small chance that it happened to happen on your birthday or on another occasion.

But maybe we will make the second collection for them in this world – even though no one is getting married and no one is blowing candles?

If you stood here next to me and felt how they still smell of these Lublin grasses and sands, and how the fear of death fades away in their eyes… you would lie to everyone around you that you are turning 18 today.

So what, a collective lie for a good cause and a big collection for them?